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  1. i have bought a rumble pad but the arrows dont work can some 1 help me at this?
  2. yep thats a stupid question
  3. HD someting to do with the graphics i dunno
  4. I think it says "Bloodrinker" ah darn is just missed it uhg never mind
  5. can you give me a torrent of the game? (psx)
  6. how the hell do i change my avatar without the old avatar coming back!! so i put in an avatar and then removed it and then i input a differnt image for my avatar and then the same old avatar picture comes back plz help. =>i need professional men to handle this!!
  7. hi can some 1 give me the newest chars and stages of today?
  8. wel now i know how to youre kinda late but thanks anyway not to menshen he forgot someting you have to open the map stages and put in the def file but i still dont know if thats ok cuz i got some problems with it
  9. you are saying? dunno what or how you do that can you give me 1 as a test like you give me a char and explain how you add it ok?
  10. how can i add new stages and chars with dowloaded files on this site : http://page.freett.com/elemental_t/download2.html i get the file .dgc but what to do with it how to import it to winmugen? or isent it possible to add any other chars and stages with the windows version? and the original version is this (i think) look at the beginning at th main screen its not the same as winmugen (i think i have the wrong version) im asking to you pro's: 1. give me the original version 2. help me import the chars stages whatever 3.combo's?
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