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  1. is it normal that the manual configuration of Ap is always reset after the reboot of my nds ? Is it possible to keep in memory my configuration and particularly the wep key which is quite long to type...
  2. so you can move the cursor, but you can't click ?! oh well you reassure me because i was going mad, desperately searching how click with my DS... So i'm waiting impatiently the next version with the click ability. (unfortunately i'm too noob in programming to do it myself..) With this i'll able to control my computer from my bed, so nice !! (play divx, turn off the computer, go sleep, without moving my ass! ) Maybe i'll take a look about emulate mouse click with keyboard, to find a provisional solution. If somebody knows a free program for doing this..
  3. Hi all ! It's probably a stupid question, but i can't find the answer anywhere.. How the mouse buttons works ?!! The cursor moves but how can i do a damn click ??!
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