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  1. Because I cannot figure out what I am doing wrong here and yet, still, it is not working. It's not clear at all how to get this program set up and running so that you can use your DS as a wireless controller for various emulators (or whatever else it does) on your PC. I'm simply trying to find out what I am not getting or doing here.
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    Ok, I have tried to use the rough English translation on Google guiding you on how to set this DS2Key software up properly. So far I have PPJoy installed and the button options are set as directed. I have the Ds2Key.sc.nds file on my DS card and I have input the various settings as directed, although I am not sure if I have put in the correct IP adress details. I just checked my IP addresss via an online site and entered that number on the edit screen for the DS2Key software. Now when I tap the "Mouse" button on the DS2Key software I can move the stylus over the DS screen and it shows number values changing. When I press the "light" button it turns off the light. When I press the other DS buttons it shows values changing on the screen. When I try to open up and emulator however and find some way of making it recognixe the DS as a controller it does not recognise me pressing the buttons on the DS and I have no idea what to do next. I am supposed to have software other than the DS2Key and the emulator open at this stage? Are things supposed to obviously sync up etc? What stage am I missing out? Cheers.
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    So... Is this DS2Key software reserved for computer geeks only or is someone gonna clue me in as to how to actually install, set-up and use it properly? I'm just a little old DS gamer who happens to own a Supercard and thinks this DS2Key sounds really cool. If I am somehow missing some COMPLETELY OBVIOUS DS2Key set-up instruction page on this site/forum then please feel free to point me in the right direction! Please step out of the "members only club" for a second and give a hand to someone who is getting seriously frustrated over the fact that he can't find some simple instructions on how to set up and use what seems like a really good piece of DS software! Anyone! What do I have to do here?
  4. I need very simple and very clear instructions because I am afraid of computers!!!! I have the DS2Key NDS file installed on my my Supercard DS ONE. I have PPJoy installed on my PC. I did set some options based on another site where it told me some values for axis/buttons etc that are supposed to be the right settings for the DS but I would like to go over everything properly step by step. I don't know what settings or options to select next on either my PC or DS. Can someone please tell me how to properly set up the various software and files on my DS and PC so I can finally use my DS as a controller for my GBA/SNES emulators? If anyone wants to go on MSM and go through it with me then let me know and I will give you my address so we can talk through it properly. Thanks Kirk
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