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DS2Key 0.6: i'm totaly lost


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Hi, i need some help here.


I´m using DS2Key 0.6, Supercard CF with 1.70 firmware. Windows XP PRO and Datel Wi-Fi Max USB dongle.

Followed the "Virtual Game Setup.txt" all right. So now what to do in the DS side?

I launch "DS2Key.exe" in PC, boot DS2Key.sc.nds in DS, chose "connect to an AP" > "use nintendo WFC data". It connects, and now?

I redirected UDP port 9501 in my routerand use profile #0.


I would like to use it mainly for ePSXe and VisualBoy Advance.

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My PC is and my DS is


Never mind,just got it runing ok.

Any way to make the right IP a default?


Not at this point, I would use sram but that won't work on supercard(without a hassle) or gbamp, and sd/cf reading is always a hassle. Mabey I'll make it so you can patch it into the rom itself...


::Edit:: I might also try to broadcast on the network to find the ip.

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