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  1. Alrighty, still more problems (what a suprise). I got fireburner. I open it up and pick the load from cue thing, and it shows three files in the middle box. So i pick burn, and it says continue with test burn using current device configuration? If i say no it goes back and does nothing, if i pick yes it test burns, and ejects the cd. When i put the cd back in, easy cd creator comes up and says hey you got a blank cd, what do you wanna do with it so i hit cancel. I go back to fireburner and..... nothing. It's back where it started. If i pick burn cd, it does a test again and nothing happens. Am i doing something wrong? Well obviously, lol, but what is it . I'm gonna try cdrwin quick.
  2. If it was possible to be TOO helpful, you would totaly be it, man. I dunno what i meant by the pc iso. i think it was like..... you don't burn it, it stays on the hd, and the emulator reads it like it was a cd??? maybe i'm just making stuff up... well anyway, thanks for the info about the.bin and.cue thing, i'll try it in a minute after i dl fireburner. thanks again.
  3. What's the.cue file? Oh wait you just said that's part of the burning thing, right. Also, it's an old playstation 1 game. I heard someone mention pc isos (or something) so what's that? Could it be one of those?
  4. Well I thought I knew how, but apparently I don't. I downloaded tactics ogre from a site, and when I open it I get Tactics Ogre.bin and Tactics Ogre.cue. I used winiso to convert it to.iso (it gave me some.wav too) and I burnt it with disk juggler 3. I did my thing with the gameshark thing on the back, and put in a cd and stuff, I know that part works cause I've done it before. I'm assuming I did something wrong with the cd burning. If you could direct me to a faq, or just tell me if you want to, I'd be most appreciative . Ty.
  5. Now that I think about it, I remember seeing the ultra64 emulator when I was at planetemu for a few minutes. Arigato .
  6. I'm not sure where to put this topic. Well, is Killer Instinct 2 emulated? If so on what emulator and where can I find it. Thanks. Oh, and Killer Instinct 1 for arcade would be good too if that's out.
  7. Ooh, tricky . Yay it works, thanks. I was wonderin how to do that. I kept unzipping it oh well. Too bad I don't really like nebula.
  8. I never could figure out where to put the neo-geo bios for nebula. Where do they go? They're in the rotd.zip file but when i tried to load it said it couldn't find them. It also said 264-m1, v1, v2, v3, and v4.bin were bad CRC's. Did I do somethin wrong? I got it from that rotdzip.cjb.net or whatever it was place. Helpa me, helpa meeeeee.
  9. I think astalavista.box.sk is just a search thing for the other crack sites, the ones you guys mentioned. Not sure.
  10. read the f'in manual?? I think... I like to post
  11. AHK! It deleted my reply again. *note* it's got porno popups http://astalavista.box.sk go there and be well. I haven't used it a whole lot but when i have they always had what i was looking for. just do a search at the top.
  12. Hey, it deleted my reply. Uh... i said like... haha, what game is that from, and what to the numbers mean ($5 says he made it all up) And... I can't get my avatar to work, but I'm gonna try it again now, the monkey isn't the one i want. OK. Snk forever!
  13. what? credits? I have to upload first to be able to dl from that ftp it says...
  14. can i get your messenger name anyway? ; always good to make new friends.
  15. You shoulda swung at nothing a bit first to build up your super guage, then done a super hado-ken instead (or my personal favorite, the shun-goku-satsu (raging demon)) And no, I'm not a fighter buff, I'm just recently getting into it :cool:
  16. Samurai Shodown 4 rules, it's not a street fighter rip off . It's frickin' hard though. Damn you sogetsu, you and your cheap water spout move..... grr.... kazuki is my fave, ukyo is cool too.
  17. -Edited out- I can usualy find most of my stuff there, or filemirrors is always good.
  18. Score, I was wondering exactly how to do it. Do you need a boot disk to run the burnt games? Or what, what are my options . Also if you guys know any links for dc isos i'd like some of them too (lookin for any capcom vs game) TY!
  19. Thanks a lot ME!, you're a big help..... but I gotta say it.... I can't stand your picture >_< it's so annoying. Sorry. Thanks again for all your help
  20. I'm looking for alundra, I love that game, dunno if anyone has it.
  21. I need some too plz. woo...
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