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  1. Hey guys, i am having some problems with Samurai Shodown 5. The set is ok, perfect matching the crc; the rom loads fine with no error messages; BUT the grafics are all scrambled. Its the only rom acting like this. I got the fullset going perfectly well on this peace of art, even Samurai Shodown 5 Special. Anyone having this same problem? Thanx everyone suporting this amazing emu. Its pure fun Andrey
  2. V.1.17 still locks when loading encrypted neogeo roms here. I vahe deleted the saves, even delete every thing and copyed from the scratch to my HD, but no sucesses. As I can see, I am the only one here having this bad time .... The wierd part is that all the ver. before 1.17 worked perfectly, but 1.17 doesnt like me.
  3. I know it may sounds a bit dumb, but i need to know if is the dvd-rom drive replacement possible in case of it get damaged or bicked with all that firmware flash stuff. I mean, will the console acept a drive replacement? And if yes, will the console acept a Sansung drive if my X360 originaly was built with a Hitachi one? Is there a chance of the console detect a drive brand change and refuse it? I am just courious about it Thanx for all you guys around the forum sharing some time with the X360 scene and sorry for my very limited english (southamerican guy here )
  4. Hi there Prican, thanx for your help. But i actualy deleted every single emulator save entry on the MS Dashboard gamesave manager. I left only my xbox game saves into it. To be honest, i found 2 or 3 emu saves there and i didnt found any FBA-XXX Pro save on the mananger. Well, i think it might be at some other place than UDATA and TDATA, or am i wrong??? Can you point me at the right place of the FBA-XX Pro save files? I will wait for your answer Thanx again and sorry for my poor english
  5. Hi there, i got some problems whit the 1.17 ver. All ver before that one was working perfectly, but now every time i try to load a encrypted neogeo game (no matter how small or big is the rom in MB) it get stuck in the middle of the loading (the bar stops at the middle of the screen). The CPS1, CPS2 and all the other neogeo non-encrypted roms are loading and runnig like a charm. I have deleted the old ver of the emulator allready. Is thare something i supose to do like delleting some UDATA or TDATA i dont know... ps: i tryed back and old ver and it continue to work with the encrypted ones, but the 1.17 dont. Any help will be welcome. Thanx
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