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    Was put off 64 bit for a few reasons over the past few years.

    One of them was that a lot of the games had issues running in 64bit, then when I used to try my old mans rig out it always ran like shit.

    Always formatting the fucker every 6 months. So Its done what I have needed it do do, but am I really gonna see any improvements over than the games running that currently wont? I browse, and game thats it really.


    I doubt you will see any improvements. How much ram do you currently have in the system?


    4GIG lol


    Been told it will run slightly slower but will be tougher against viruses and stuff like that.

  2. Was put off 64 bit for a few reasons over the past few years.

    One of them was that a lot of the games had issues running in 64bit, then when I used to try my old mans rig out it always ran like shit.

    Always formatting the fucker every 6 months. So Its done what I have needed it do do, but am I really gonna see any improvements over than the games running that currently wont? I browse, and game thats it really.

  3. Just got a copy of wolfenstein the new order and the fucker is 64 bit only!

    I cant upgrade my OS till next week, man this is annoying.

    Call of duty ghosts was also 64bit only but wasn't bothered about that to be honest, be worth it I guess but still! what!!!!




  4. I sometimes think I suffer from dysthemia. But it's hard to tell, since I am never one to show a lot or little enthusiasm about much of anything. I am not easily excitable or "down in the dumps" on a regular basis. This even keel, like a slow burn, has been my personality for the better part of 15 years, so its gone on long enough to make me wonder if I am depressed or not.


    I don't break down and cry in fits randomly or rage for no reason ... I suppose that would make me bipolar. No ... I'm a very relaxed, chill person. Some say TOO relaxed, which affects my motivation at times and keeps me somewhat withdrawn, sullen almost to others I suppose, and quiet in general.


    So, I dunno. I try not to think about it.


    Who knows, some people are just wired darker than others.

    You aint got bipolor mate, you would know if you had that.

    I've seen people in manic and sad phases...

    Manic is like they have had 6 shots of cocaine and an enrgy drink, sad is just fucking awful for them.

  5. 'Normalize' your mood through interaction with other people.

    Contribute to the building of positive circumstances for interaction rather than passively absorb others' (noone enjoys the companionship of the depressive, opposite goes for cheerful people fun to hang and chat with, even if forced)

    Leaving negative or deep thoughts in the backburner by engaging in activities whose finaility doesnt force you back to negativity (going out for sport, socialization, getting back in touch with people...)


    Companionship in realworld rather than online favorizes exteriorization and spontaneity, the latter introversion (Facebook and now smartphones exacerbated this phenomenon).




    Lol I think that translates to getting a social life!!!


    Nice post though.


    Yes I see the damaged and strangeness all this instant connection stuff does to people.

    I find my self shut in more than I should be lately, and its odd but the web pretty much comforts people..

  6. UKIP in full flow, could a kind knowing Mod embed this please?



    At the moment the three main parties are all pro EU conservative, labour and lib dem, hell even the greens are pro EU.

    The media mostly the BBC/ITV/Channel 4 and the news papers CONSTANTLY call UKIP a "racist" party, well as you can see from this video that is clearly not the case. People on social media sites are awake and fighting a battle against the media.

    UKIP might not be perfect, but they are the closest thing to a peoples party we have at the moment!

    And over 100k likes on their facebook page! And growing!

    They are ude to win the seat in European parliament but again the media will only report negative things!

  7. North England has being changed by immigration to the point areas are no longer recognisable.

    North england was a labour strong hold but folk are not stupid mate, I too was weary of of supporting UKIP but now find it the only real option I have, I am an ex labour voter but I wouldn't trust them ever again.

    I believe in them mate to free England and its unions I really don't like the EU at all.

  8. Funny isn't it the perception is everyone wants "in" to the UK where as my country could be "leaving" :-) but if that fails the thought of a Tory/UKIP coalition might

    have me heading to Europe


    SNP will get you out, I use the word UK because its just commonly used.

    You are from Scotland if I recall?


    There is only one thing I don't understand about the SNP, why would you want to leave the UK but remain in the European Union?

    You cant make deal with the EU its just kind of rules your country..

    Scotland wont fuck about, you can always count on those lads to keep their own together.


    Australia's immigration policy is fucking awesome.


    When are you moving here? I can guarantee you will get a job with your qualifications.

    Just leave the baggage behind.


    Id love to mate, but I have a common assault on my record that isnt spent yet. (another two years and I might be able to get in)

    I also have my son to look after in the UK, I wouldnt like to be far away from him.

    Would be a nice dream though to live in australia for a few years though, working and contributing to the place.

    I bet you can hitch a motoX bike up to a trailer, head out into the sticks and just ride all day and not get bothered by the cops.

  10. I'm on the east coast. There's only one city on the west coast.




    Is land expensive in Australia? You have quite a lot of it!

    If land is expensive Id say the game is rigged over there so only the already wealthy can nail it.

    Inner city houses in "rough" areas are cheap, well fairly cheap anyway.

    I have no chance of getting on the ladder any time soon though, but if i had the cash (30k) I think I could multiply it by two within a year.

  11. You're lucky you can get places that cheap.


    Here it is simply not possible to get even the most wrecked house for under half a million dollars. The property market here is just insane.


    The only way to get something at a decent price is to buy something away from this city.



    You east or west coast?


    Housing prices are completely out of reach for anyone not breaking into the middle class bracket in the UK.

    If you are skint in the UK at the moment, thats pretty much how its staying.

    I was happy to plod on, but since my kid came in to the equation I have to start being productive.

  12. I have watched a few "managa" movies.

    When I was a teenager the first one I ever watched was Akira.

    You can imagine becoming hooked on manga was an easy thing after that, even as a kid I always prefered the original cantonese voices with subtitles. (is it cantonese?)


    After that I opted for Venus wars, again another brilliant movie.

    Then it was fist of the north star, it still haunts me to this day that he got beat at the end by that bellend.


    After that It was project A-ko, and I managed to buy the one set in space which was a pile of shit, in the old manga trailers that looked awesome but there was hardly any action at all.


    Then It was pure guess work with what ever was on the store shelf, so I opted for Cyber city the first one.

    I had all three of them on VHS shortly after, the second was by far the best one.


    I think vampire hunter D - im not sure if I have seen that, but I have definitely seen van helsing thats a series.

    Ninja scroll was a quality anime, the hentia one legend of the overfeind - well it wasnt what i was expecting at all just some weird shit, but as a young man it was better than page three!


    I saved one of the best for last though, Spriggan - really good!


    Only have grappler baki and afro samurai to watch now and I think I have watched nearly all the must see mangas.

  13. The bottom line is that you have to be good at what you do.

    For poor people the major hurdle is getting enough capital to expand.

    If you have no credit rating, no bank will loan you.Not in the UK anyway.


    I've known guys grow weed, nothing major just a cycle of 8 plants cutting them at £800 to £1000 per plant.

    But they only had to do it twice and moved on to other things.

    I couldn't do that because I know that weed is gonna find its way to a young lad or lasses life, and if you get caught you are fucked!

    You will never get in to other countries with a drugs record! You might get in on a holiday VISA but emigrating can kiss its ass goodbye.


    Barbering course does not start till september so in the meantime I have no capital and no way of getting it.

    I really dont want top waste half a year when it could be a productive six months.


    Id REALLY like to get in to property as I have enough building experience and contacts to do this so for example:


    I buy a run down shit hole for £8000, asbestos check sorted!

    I strip the guts out, back to brick, get a good deal on the doors and windows.

    The three main expensive areas will be the plumbing but a good plumber will give you a good deal, he fits the pipes and the new boiler.


    The second is the electrician, a rewire of a small home wont break the bank and you may or may not get away with existing electrics.


    The joiner (wood) skirting boards (people dont always fit these now and just have simple plastic skirts) new doors and frames (4 tops) may have to fit new window sills most likely will have to.


    Then the rest I can do, plastering and decorating, and i can work gardens if the property has them.

    I reckon I could get a small house sorted for 2 grand.


    Then the house sells or you make a % on rent.

    I would also have to be the salesman for my own properties.


    God dam capital!

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