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  1. Gamecop and to whoever it may concern.

    I would like for you to put a section up on seaga saturn, i have been reading a lot lately on the saturn, and all i come across are french forums and stuff like that. This forum could keep us uptodate on latest emu updates, links to the roms,[ i know they are hard to find i have also read they are not bad dumps]

    In genral a saturn fourum, were to get bios rom etc[ i cant find it as such]

    I tell y something im having a hard time with this saturn stuff:rolleyes:

  2. I am extacting the file useing xp,s own extarcter.

    Now for the hard part. i downloaded smash brothers of this site write good.lets say there all saved as zip [ which there not two are RAR formats which is my own mistake]

    Forget all that.

    Lets say i got all the files as zip how would i make them 4 files become a rom that project 64 can read?[ is this the best 64 emu?]

  3. Well enigma the reason im here is because of you, i few years ago when emulation waent so user freindly i tried to get metal slug to run on neo geo rage, no luck becaue it was the dos version or somthing, any way i tried again a few years later got the rom which was hard because i was doing manual search threw google, I couldent get any of the emus to work nebula, kawaks, neo rage, i thought it was all bullshit [emu scene ] then i cam across a website named arcade at home, i scanned the forums and someone had put up i link to a chinese site with the hack for xp, low and behold it was enigma it was four o clock in the morning i got dios file slameed it in the same folder as neo geo xp roms with metal slug one, clickt the neo geo icon and the emulator came up, import was the next click i scanned the files to the left and metal slug was detected, i double clickt that the screen went blank [ i sweared and got mad thinking it was a loade of bullshit and then the game come on] And belive me four o clock in the morning i weas jumping up and down kissingh my dog, that was my best monet inemulation thanks to you enigma for your endlass searches and resolve.OUTSTANDING!!

    Hu ya.

  4. Hey enigma i read correctly you said working saturn emulator, will it run on xp?

    Is it a hard emulator to get running?

    Does it read the discs or roms?

    OH BOY OH BOY OH BOY!! Were[please]


    As far as future emulation is conserned, i have no idea i belive it should be x box just to slap microsoft around the little hoes, they recently bought out rare and are planning to buy out capcom all there going to do if anything is make games a worser thing.


    I play guitar and im in a band i aslo do vocals for the band i can actually sing, i bought the guitar and learned basic cords to get my key with my voice its taken me a year but i can hold an high f!!

    And for some reason im totaly addictid to swimming,im out of work at the moment but living comftorblie, im currently pursuing a carrer in the fire service, i havent got a girlfreind because the last one tore my heart out,but there is girl i have lined up,. Well thats about it thanks for reading my life:D

  6. Sorry to read about what happened with everything vannishing and crap.

    You guys had done a lot of work for the emu forums, i had been reading current events lately unable to post but now i can post again im happy, i was going to add some links out of my favs to help, but as you probablie know there is no point as you guys were on the case and everything is cool now:cool:


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