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  1. Hes a reply for you. Somewhat philosophical as it may be, is it really theft to steal something stolen?

    yes 2 wrongs obviously don't make a right.


    The sprites and such are all ripped from someone else; the coding is the author's, true enough. However, many pieces of coding come from elsewhere, and without the stolen sprites, its simply words on electronic paper...


    - Ryu, out.

    both capcom and snk had given the mugen community permission to use their sprites, and are you forgetting that some people make their own sprites?


    anyway the rules of the mugen community have changed now should get around to updating it

  2. my old forum i figured out with no help from nobody but now i read that thing to make it bigger i cant find that mugen cgf thing to make it bigger dont just post answer help mee im bred of a tiny screen i cant even see all the characters and im trying to figure out stages and screenpacks but nothing yet anyways hellllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllp

    You are not trying hard enough it is the only file in the data folder named mugen

  3. Well you have probably seen fights with 4 characters on screen with, evil, shin, orochi, ssj26 characters. If you download or make your own stuff you can actually make a pretty decent game. the main thing about mugen is how much control you have in terms of the coding.

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