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  1. Just because it's unnecessary doesn't mean it's not funny.


    I think a remake of the game might have some potential. Add some sort of skill system aside from learn X skill at Y level. Maybe instead of menu based combat, more of an action RPG system like Kingdom Hearts had.

    dude what are you talking about you didn't learn skills based on level in CT o_O

  2. PspStates Experiment for PSP SLIM



    Please read carefully this book... i mean this readme before proceeding to use this plugin.


    Note: The author will not be responsable of any kind of damage to units or of data loss

    (including game data loss) that this software may cause.

    This is true for all my software as they are free, but in this case I would feel like I

    would indicate it explicitily.

    It is recommended that you backup the nand and important data of memory stick before using this plugin, in order to avoid posible loss of data.


    This program was never intended to be part of M33 cfw, it always was planned to be released as

    a plugin, just to clarify ;)


  3. 4.01 M33-2 (bugfix update)





    - Nids resolver: Fixed scePowerGetCpuClockFrequency issue. This is the same bug that happened in 3.80 M33-1, it won't happen again ¬¬


    - Fixes recovery problems that have apperared in prior version (incorrect position of back string in language others than english, enable, and disabled strings not translated in plugins, hide pic0+pic1 couldn't be changed, language file in flash1 wasn't working..


    - Spanish recovery translation typos fixed.

    1.50 kernel addon also released at the same site


  4. Changes:

    - Bug fix: vshmenu didn't let change camera mode due to camera_plugin using select button.

    Fixed, now vsh menu will not be loaded when using the camera.


    - Recovery can now be translated, See how below. Translation to spanish is autoincluded.

    - Updated the M33 SDK with a new function and sample, and released the psp-packer tool to

    compress prx's and PBP's in the ~PSP format.


    - The folder of 4.01 and higher homebrew will be GAME4XX so it won't need change on update.



  5. lol drake said hentai chicks are drawn perfect..... hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhaah.

    huge eyes, small mouths, crazy 80's hair in odd colors...... oh yeah.. perfect :P


    anyways Hentai is just one symptom of the Asian addiction. nothing worse then a white kid wishing he was Asian so hard he only watches anime, jacks it to hentai, reads manga, plays jrpgs, eats panda express everyday learns a few japanese phrases and wishes he had an Asian girlfriend. of course when he grows up he's gonna move to japan to teach english and live in the tech section of Tokyo. we all know these guys, hell some of you prolly are those guys. And they really wanna make me punch babies.

    what?.. I'm not white

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