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  1. SO I'm getting back into Mugen since me and my brother kinda bond with it so I want it to not be glitchy and outdated.

    So when i got the new RC I wanted to use either a mvc2 or mvc3 screen pack for it.

    THe only problem is BOTH screen packs have an issue where ONLY the Select Screen is super zoomed in. I switched between all resolution and all the same.

    This is what I'm dealing with...


    As you can see, it looks like even the backgorund it too big, while the random slots just look out of proportion.

    I'm sure I need to reduce some fraction in the fight or System defs but at least where to start would be really cool!

    you need to add localcood=320,240 to the .def file for the screen pack

  2. I am new to this Mugen stuff, me and my brother just found out about this..... After seeing the smug attitude at other forums, I do appreciate this here, I've finally found a place where I can ask for help, and people are willing and able to help. Or at least I hope so....


    Anyways, my brother is the computer smart one of the two of us, though I discovered Mugen... We are trying to find links, written in English, where we can find character downloads and stage downloads, that don't fowl up, and that I can reliably download..... Easy downloads....


    I would like to start off with Mugens for Street Fighter, and Mortal Kombat, characters and stages... Can anyone help me?

    late reply is late go to http://mugenguild.com

  3. What is M.U.G.E.N.?


    M.U.G.E.N is a 2D fighting game engine designed by Elecbyte and originally released in 1999. Elecbyte distributed beta versions that ran under DOS, Linux, and Windows. The engine allows for anyone to create characters, stages and other game objects through interpreted text files and graphics and sound compilations and it also supports various types of audio formats such as MP3, ADX, OGG and MIDI as background music during gameplay. The engine allows for the type of functionality found in most any commercial 2D fighting game, such as the Street Fighter games produced by Capcom, the Naruto games produced by Bandai, or the King of Fighters games produced by SNK. Creators of M.U.G.E.N content are from all over the globe, most notably including American, Brazilian, Japanese, Chinese, and French creators.



    adding chars


    1. make sure that when you open the characters folder the .def file is in there


    2. make sure the Name of the folder is exactly the same as the name of the .def file inside


    3. open the .def file in notepad and make sure all the files in the folder are referenced correctly


    4. when you have done all this just simply add the characters name to the select.def file found in the data folder


    Spring cleaning don't mind me...

  4. Get it HERE


    * CNS: Fixed ScreenPos y trigger value calculation in cut stages.

    * CNS: Fixed Explod y offset calculation in cut stages.

    * CNS: Fixed issue where player may get incorrect custom state resources

    * Renderer: Fixed master palfx not affecting TTF fonts.

    * Input: Fixed keyboard input

    * Input: Implemented joystick hat support

    * mugen.cfg: Fixed AI.cheat not working

    * General: Fixed Start+button not choosing palettes 7-12

    * General: Fixed game slowdown when skipping frames

    * Miscellaneous other fixes.

  5. get it HERE


    It’s about that time, time you upgrade to the latest and greatest from Team GENyUS. So rather than doing the incremental update thing: M33 -> GEN-A -> GEN-B -> GEN-B2 etc… Jump straight to 5.50 GEN-B2 with Yoshihiro’s XGEN Updater. Of course this only applies to PSP-1000 and PSP-2000 owners with a non TA-88v3 board. And if you’re already sporting GEN – continue on keepin’ on.


    XGEN Updater installs Custom Firmware 5.50 GEN-B2 directly on your already hacked hand held, which needs to be running 3.71 M33 or above. XGEN Pandora will modify your Despertar del Cementerio v8 setup. So whenever you need to call upon Pandora, she’ll be restoring/reflashing 5.50 GEN-B2 instead of 5.00 M33.

  6. Get it Here


    Engine Changes


    * BG: Improved performance of parallax BGs.

    * Stages: Added a hack to recognize the "hires = 1" stage parameter. This parameter isn't officially supported so we strongly recommend against using it for new content.


    Bug Fixes


    * BG: Fixed bug where tiled parallax BGs did not draw.

    * BG: Fixed scaled trans sub BGs.

    * CNS: Fixed trigger redirection coordspace bug.

    * CNS: Fixed screenpos x trigger.

    * CNS: Fixed helper not inheriting palno from parent.

    * CNS: Corrected bug in ** operator for integer arguments with exponent >= 0.

    * CNS: Integer exponentiation, Floor(), and Ceil() now generate a warning and clamp to INT_MAX or INT_MIN (2^31-1 or -2^31) when the integer range is exceeded.

    * FNT: Fixed font newline bug for True Type fonts with text wrapping.

    * Motifs: Fixed invalid font in combo counter crash.

    * mugen.cfg: Added DirectX option to RenderMode. Setting this mode may help some people with startup issues.

    * SND: Fixed snd loading failure using wavs with certain headers.

    * Stages: Fixed random stage load error during continue.

    * Added hardcoded pal change for SFFv1 sprites. This addresses the palette problem for old characters that override state 5900.

    * Fixed UTF-8 BOM detection bug that caused the first group not to be read in some def files.

    * Fixed AI.RandomColor = 0 crash.

    * Resolved SDL crash on non-SSE2 processors.

  7. Here's a new version of M.U.G.E.N with some modern updates. This version adds support for HD resolutions, victory screens, language localization, and some enhanced data formats. 1.0 is backwards compatible with characters from the 2002.04.14 beta.


    This is a release candidate so it might be buggy. Please report any issues on our forum.



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