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Status Updates posted by Alpha

  1. read my article about how size doesn't matter.... yes, you know what im talking about

    1. Jitway


      hMMM! Not gonna do...can't make me.

  2. just did a bunch of new changes to 1emu... enjoy! and hope you notice them :)

  3. A goal not written/typed is just a wish...

  4. 70% complete with the XBOX revampin' process ...

  5. the xbox forum got its own design... check it out: http://www.1emulation.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=34139

  6. revamping the XBOX forum as we speak!

  7. Do you get hot inside when you think of running emulators on your XBOX? We're looking for new staff in that forum. Post your applications! http://www.1emulation.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=34123

  8. I challenge these so-called other gaming sites of having the amount of freedom of expression we allow here on 1Emulation...

  9. so, one of the invisible children guys who made the kony 2012 video was caught drunk and masturbating... what a way to kill a movement

    1. Lucandrake


      The movement was dead 2 days after the video got posted.

    2. ken_cinder


      Why does everyone care NOW? Why not 30 years ago? 20? 10?

  10. when will spammers ever learn that their shit doesn't work?

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    2. Robert


      Who deleted my guidelines thread from News Submission forum?

    3. Alpha


      @emsley - probably automated.

      @Robert - No idea. It could have been deleted by accident. Will check the forum logs soon if it picked up anything.

    4. emsley


      keep popping on cop - take care my friend.

  11. need a healthy way to stay awake besides coffee!

    1. Kloplop321


      restrain yourself to the ceiling with springs and do push ups, against the ceiling.

    2. Bambi


      you could try caffeinated green tea. keeps me sharp and healthy!

  12. in with the new & out with the old...

  13. 1emulation has status updates now... facebookish? 0_o

    1. emsley


      Now we can spend all our time in this corner and not use the forum! Yay!

    2. Alpha
    3. emsley
  14. Hey Fatal, get any poontang pie last night?

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