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  1. Update FBA XXX Pro 1.29 The next version of FBA XXX Pro will be released within two weeks. This version brings new games/drivers closer to version 2.96.71. It also includes beta & neo-geo games, not in the PC version. There have been a significant amount of new games added, and testing each driver is a task within itself! On a side note; +T+ has asked that I take over the lead & coordination for the FBA-XXX Pro project. +T+ and I started down a parallel path several years ago when the source code for FBA-XXX was released. We both envisioned a version that was not for the casual, mainstream xbox gamer, but a version, which used the latest versions of games for the hard-core, emulator fan. My FBA-Xtreme, and his FBA-XXX Pro. Thoughout the past few years, we have coordinated efforts, shared ideas (especially, when one of us was stuck with a code problem) or new features (like the kiosk mode for arcade cabinets.) +T+ was much a hard-core coder as he is a gamer...which drove quick releases and updates on a regular basis. I would like to publically thank +T+ for our "virtual" friendship, ideas and passion for moving the xbox emulator community in a positive direction. Please send him your best wishes for future endeavors; he has offered to jump in to help from time to time, so he is not leaving!...just taking a break. So, I am starting this new thread for the reasons above, and if you are interested in new features, find bugs, issues, etc. to post them here or send me an email with the new release. I will announce on the forums when it is posted on xbins...I'm trying to get it released by May 12 (before I head out on vacation for 2+ weeks ) Happy Gaming! -djohng
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