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System 11 Player for Zinc 03/03/2006

About This File

Please Note: This file is already included in the latest version of the Zinc frontend, Zenith.


R.Belmont, the author of ZiNc, has released a test DLL that will let zinc run the system 11 games faster! Here's what he said:

Want to play System 11 games faster with sound enabled? Try this replacement s11player.dll. It replaces the HLE engine with real sound emulation similar to what will be built into ZiNc 1.2, and it should be faster (and better sounding, especially in stereo!) than current. It's not been heavily tested here and may be buggy itself, so save a copy of your original s11player.dll first.


Anyway, if you see a difference in framerate (positive or negative), please give your CPU speed, the game you were trying, and approximate "before" and "after" framerates.


As a reminder, System 11 games are:

Star Sweep

Kosodate Quiz My Angel 3


Tekken 2

Soul Edge

Dunk Mania

Prime Goal EX


Other games will show no change with this new file.


WARNING: In order for the new player to operate, you need a copy of the ROM file "pr1data.8k". This is contained in the current MAME sets for all of the System 11 games, and you should unzip it and place it in the root of your C:\ drive. This is a temporary workaround because I couldn't change the application - ZiNc 1.2 will not do anything this gross smile.png If ZiNc crashes on startup with the new dll, this is likely your problem.


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