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Hi, I recently resumed working on my emulator and now I think I have enough to show. The gimmick of the emulator is the ability to display custom true colour tiles at up to 4x resolution.

BombSweeper is used as an example and a simple 2x graphics pack is included in the files which replace the number tiles. You need to download and put BombSweeper.nes inside the rom folder. You can play around with the png files inside the BombSweeper folder and see the results. The emulator is still in early stage and so lacks many standard features. Please read the readme for the limitations before using it. Feel free to comment and please let me know if you have trouble running the emulator on your machine.


What's New in Version (2013/08/04)   See changelog


  • Implemented showing leftmost 8 pixels of screen (bit 1 and 2 of PPU register $2001)
  • Implemented colour emphasis (not accurate)

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