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Nintendulator Beta 0.975_10.13.2014

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Nintendulator started out as NinthStar NES, written by David "Akilla"

De Regt. Written in C++, it was a reasonably accurate (and slow) NES

emulator which used NESten 0.61's mapper DLLs. Numerous other systems

were planned to be emulated within NinthStar (as well as complex

debuggers for each of them), but somewhere along the line, the project

was abandoned.


At that point, I took the existing NES sources and started improving

them. First, the PPU was rewritten to be much more accurate than

before, running cycle-by-cycle according to documentation that had been

released at the time. After that, the CPU was rewritten to execute

instructions more accurately. Then the APU was mostly completed, giving

the emulator proper sound. Somewhere along the line, it was determined

that the C++ usage in the code was very poorly done and was slowing the

program down, so I converted it to plain C and named the program



The eventual goal of Nintendulator is to be *the* most accurate NES

emulator, right down to the hardware quirks. In the meanwhile, it can

certainly be used to test NES code with confidence that if it works

properly in Nintendulator, it will probably work properly on the real

hardware as well.

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