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Stupid thing humans say: "you have no life"



During a recent discussion on havoc's shoutbox I read someone suggest to another individual that they need a life. You know, how certain people say "you spend too much time doing x, y, and z! Why don't you just get a life!"


That got me thinking and I finally asked myself the question: if an individual spends a majority of their time doing tasks that more socially active individuals wouldn't do, is that not a "life?"


I mean, sure, individuals may do obsessive compulsive tasks like rearranging media in alphabetical order, observing abstract patterns on a wall, or even observing the erosion on a pavement road; but isn't that their life? Maybe you or someone else may consider it abnormal, but it's a life nonetheless.




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Seriously. It's a way people try to feel superior to others by making it seem they have a "life."Get a life is so 80s.

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Idiots, feel that a "life" is one that is associated with a group of people who themselves have "lives". Also when someone says this they mean, "Get a girlfriend, get a couple of friends, drink some booz, have some sex, and then get back to work".

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