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Stadium Arcadium - K`dash edition




01 - Snow (Hey Oh)

02 - Dani California

03 - Charlie

04 - Hump de Bump

05 - Desecration Smile

06 - Wet Sand

07 - 21st Century

08 - Hard to Concentrate

09 - Made You Feel Better

10 - Tell Me Baby

11 - Stadium Arcadium


Total Time: 50:13


This should of been the real track listing. The flow between the first 4 selections are nice, Desecration Smile into Wet Sand is a good set up. 21st Century into Concentrate oddly has this excellent flow while Feel and TMB has this subtle flow. Included Stadium Arcadium as the last track, feels like it.


The rest of the tracks should of been released as another album. I think this listing > actual listing.


This was typed up while vary drunk. maybe theres a secret messege!


i also broke up with my girlfriend, but i don't mind it really, i saw this coming since early august, i'm just drinking because i want to fall asleep and too lazy to cook anything so I can eat THEN fall asleep, because that will set off nightmares. No pills, i'm hoping to pass out 30 minutes after posting this.



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Don't drink yourself to death over some girl.After I finished school, one of my mates got into drinking in a big way. He was dead inside of a year. I would like to think you are smarter than him. Seriously.

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I agree with your arrangement. SOme of the songs in this album need a few listening before it gets into you. I thought this album sucks but after days of listening to it, it was quite ok.

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I haven't finished listening to the whole album yet but I think I agree with your track listening. I would have finished it by now. Anyway, good luck with your woman problems.

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