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Pokemon is deep.




I'm playing Pokemon Emerald and FireRed. It's taken me 10 years, but I've finally seen how deep Pokemon is and how hot Haruka is also, and how cute Hikari is, and how hot Kasumi is, and how pretty Erika is, and how cute Sabri-


Yes, that quite on for quiet a while.


Anyways, some pretty trainer cards! using this: http://atcm.aitaji.net/




2 Seperate ones UH. One is Twiggy, which is just my wishlist and not what I actually use in Emerald. The other is, you guessed it (hopefully) that is what I almost have in game (I'm working on the Esp and Umberon).


This picture is for one of ma homies on the board, who aided in my quest for looking for scans for it ( I have found ONE page ).


And I think I'll make up something else for the next post next time.



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