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Feeling emotional isn't suffecient to commencing action



So you're angry because you managed to ignore the homeless man on your way to work. You're sad because you realized not everyone in your family was upside down frowning as much as they should. Howling at the relentlessness of the children not in America, for opportunity has only been originated in the country of "liberty". Tear full of the heart who tells you to stop punching the bloody love of yours, for the right thing to do is not the thing you wanna do. Expressive and loud for the event of punishment at an innocent man (for we are all born "innocent). You feel hurt, you wish release, but paralyzed by the fear of the challenge, remain inact in this world of statues clamoring to the same soulless leader known as insecurity. You tend to only walk the paths that appear straight, curves scare you and turns hate you. If you are not moving towards your goal you're not moving anywhere (for opposite of the mark is no where near your wants), unaware of the irony of fate, unaware that backwards is usually the answer to forwards. We're taught from as early as fornication to continue to push on, revealed at first by our parents care and aware only after we wake up. For when life is finally realized then reality brakes in, chains your arms backwards, pushing away ignorance and forgiving nothing. As our teenage years turn into maturity you feel grown up, able to take on anything and everything, wishing to change all (yet change only yourself after you fall). Maturity turns into another stage, another form of experience meant to find you. For that's when we all felt loss, aware that we where once ignorant, wishing to go back to who we where. A form capable of mistakes, a form forgivable from almost anything (even murder). When this is mentioned and stated, then you go ahead and turn into the stage that I'm currently in right now. Once you're aware that's impossible to find what was once never lost, reality smacks you as it states the obvious. "If you lost what you love, and can't get it back for it was destroyed, build a new a better one", we aren't destined to find ourselves, we are destined to create who we are. Any celebrity you desire of becoming, tell me if you where born knowing who they where instantly. If you can think of anybody, then I'll gladly take you to a mental hospital for instinctive hallucinogens. The lead guitarists of the rock generation weren't born with those names, they created themselves to be heard by all. They didn't find out how to be famous, they simply created famousism within themselves. The same goes for anybody who has ever figured a talent worth the chase of youth. Stop looking for the treasure map to your heart, it's giving you a wrench, go forward and build yourself without looking into the past.


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