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Sitting on the toilet eating a chocolate bar.



Subject has nothing whatsoever to do with this entry. I just didn't know what to put up there. Nothing momentous has happened in my life as of late so what I put here this evening is nothing profound. I've been writing much lately notating various ideas for two different stories and writing a thesis on something theological. I tried working on some music today but it's extremely difficult with a kid running about. I also have two teenage brothers living here with me and they fight constantly so I never really get any peace in my own home. Ah..such is life. I had read something disturbing in the news but don't remember now. By this time at night, my brain slowly shuts down certain chambers and I become somewhat vegetated.


My husband has picked up his pad and pencil and started on his drawings again. I'm glad...although his weekends go by so quickly, he only takes maybe two hours of his whole weekend to jot down ideas or begin sketches. I feel bad for him. He works constantly and hardly gets to Autumn (our daughter). Hopefully, I will be able to assist with the finances. I had taken my mother to her doctor's appointment for a breathing test and lo! They are hiring for pulmonary techs part-time for $10/hr! It was the assistant director who I talked to about it. She was trained within a week to do what she had done for my mother. The tech bolted without notice. She seemed to like my attitude and personality. It was funny how it popped up in our conversation. My mother was telling her about how it's been hard waiting for disability to kick in and that she was thinking about just dropping it and finding a mediocre job somewhere. It made me frustrated so I exclaimed my "concerns" on how a lot of people who work for the government or any other occupation, take advantage of their job or are absolutely CLUELESS on how to do their job. Yet the highly motivated and intelligent folks are unable to get a job. She seemed to like my protest...sooo I have to send my resume this coming Monday and see what happens. The most extreme happy part is that you don't have to have medical experience. It's also one of those jobs that you have to consider as a "career" and not "employment". I can see myself doing this for a long time. Anyway, I hope that her being the assistant director would help me in the door a bit. We'll see.. :banghead:


I'm having some difficulty on deciding what to take for college. I have so many interests and so little money. If I am able to get this job, I'm sure that I will stick with it but I also want to broaden my education and do something that actually means more to me. Whether it be theology,music, writing, some form of art or history, those are the things that interest me the most. I am limited....we hardly have any financial stability and with having our precious girl, we're trying to make sure her future is somewhat secure. I mean, I know right now would be the most opportune time to get things done that way both parents would bring in more money but sometimes, it's hard to get the partner on the same page. ESPECIALLY when they're the moneymaker. I'm going on 25 and I still don't know what I want to do for myself. I like being a stay at home mom but sometimes I feel brain dead. I need brain food.


I'm going to go smoke now. Yeah...I talked about quitting but it's just impossible at this present time. I have a doctor's appt. coming up soon so maybe I can ask about that prescription that I read about in the forum. I need to lose some weight too. I'm a fatty. I want to be here as long as possible and watch my family grow.


I'm boring.

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Nah, not boring, that's exiting. Want brain food? Read "The Culture of Make believe", it's what I'm doing now for English class. I've been wanting to pick up Columbine for a while though.Good luck with everything.

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