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I love my twisted ideas



Lets start this up by stating the obvious, I'm not the "Joker", I'm a joker. That is my role in every single story. It's sickening when you think about it. I've played the enemy. I've played the hero. I've played the side character and the teacher himself. But no matter what the situation, I always end up back where I began. Smiling in the back of the crowd to myself, as I watch a play of hypocricy and idiocy react to my doing. I've told both sides information, I've told both sides they've won, and their losses. It's sickening, it's disgusting, and I love every second of it.


When your daughter spends a month crying to herself thinking she's pregnant. you can bet that was my whisper in her ear.


When her boyfriend thinks nothing but resemt, it was my influence that caused him to feel as if he did wrong doing.


When your wife is simply over tears at the mere thought that her daughter engaged, in LOVE, the woman discovered the daughters secrets through my letters.


When you yourself wonder why a family of happiness went down through misery in mere minutes, you can bet, it was our conversations, that got you thinking in the first place.


Soap opera's are fake, drama's too much, I'm here to live life, and by living I choose to laugh at those in disgust. My job, is to giggle, as you merely suffer. When you cry, I smirk, when your depressed, I feel nothing but happiness. The funny part is, that through out all eternity, I am forever to live in the souls of those who resemble me.


Your happiness lasts for a mere life time, my laughter goes on forever.


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