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Journal Chronicles: Part 4



When presenting a case to the employers of mass control, the title "need money for education" is read "Hungry Male/Female/Dog Number XXX-XX-XXXX". Rich swines do not make dough anymore, as the old once did, in the past having a brain, balls, and the courage to never back down was enough to control a mass, now in days the same fools are merely used to counter those that were once put in control. So we wait, those with the 3 attributes, to be given a bone/plate of food, and enough money to buy the books others have had in their shelves for centuraies. In that act you either shut of your brain or entertain yourself with another activity. At times it's felt as if this is all done on purpose, but blame is quickly thrown left and right, in all directions. While the ones on top giggle and frown once again at the realization that power != happiness.


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