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Where am I?




This past weekend I took the MCAT exam, this week school started, I have the AMCAS application due soon so I have to get my Personal Statement all perfect, and I need to write descriptions for all 10 of my extracurriculars. God I hate this. :naughty: I thought the classes I signed up for this semester were going to be easy but what a load of crock that was. After this AMCAS is sent off and verified then I'll be inundated with secondary applications where I'll have to write a minimum of 3 essays for each (I'm applying to about 30-50 schools so do the math). :roll1:(((((((((((((


I hope to become more active soon and help get 1emu v.3 on the path to completion. I wanted to talk about stuff that GameCop mentioned in his blog but that will have to wait. But if any thoughts or suggestions about expanding the site's content then please comment here.


And the most immediate reason I haven't been around is that my main harddrive crashed and I had to install a new drive, format, install Windows, and start from scratch. I hate technology.



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Good luck in all of it. I hope you accomplish it all and turn out to be "the" best doctor this planet has ever seen.

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I know how you feel about technology. :) I've had 3 repairmen come to my house in the last 2 days to fix my flocking internets. Well, good luck to ya. :P

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