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My pain is your pain




It get's a bit stressful when you see websites that after a year are superstars. They are filled with thousands of users online and every second. It's been 4 years and more now that I've had the pleasure being the owner of 1Emulation. My final goal for this site is for 1Emulation to be one day as exactly as I have described. I can't imagine how many hours of hard mind power I've put into 1Emulation. Many stressful days that could make you laugh or even punch a hole in the wall.


I was discussing how 1Emulation could possibly expand in the future with Gryph today. Maybe change the name perhaps? Right now were stuck with emulation, but is emulation really still a popular subject on the internet? Honestly, I don't think so. The flame has been put out ever since the last neogeo game was released to the emulation community. Sure, there is the Nintendo DS releases and Game Boy Advance releases, but they were nothing like the neogeo releases or even CPS2. I could remember the anticipation to emulate games like Marvel Vs. Capcom on Final Burn Alpha. Sure we all own these games or systems :naughty:, but this is what makes emulation so exciting.


I guess it could be since we all came from an arcade background (or most of the veterans of 1Emulation), but it's really a shame. More and more arcades today are going out of business. Sure, there is emulation on the PSP, Nintendo DS, and XBOX, but the excitement is still not what it used to be. Could the PS2 scene bring it back to life? Yes, I believe it could. Did the Dreamcast scene bring it back to life? For 3 months.


So what do we do with a name like 1Emulation? Cover gaming and emulation? We are doing exactly that. However, can we expand to the likeliness of other extremely popular gaming sites? That's for you to decide.



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i would say ninwii but thats already taken ;pPersonally i like the name 1emulation to me it resembles the only emulation with revolutionary idea's and it also distributes how unique this community is in most parts.i would be nice to see 1emulation cover more than just "emulation" seeing that many other sites are starting to follow this "lane" i would say why not?

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Ah i see you there Gamecop. I know what you think. I have written quite a lot of text to these topics in the forums before.I think most emu sites are too tech related. I get many news about many emulators which i think noone is interested in. I dont mind about "HazeMD 0.02a released" - The mame i use plays it all.Lemme stress this again: The cause of emulation are the games. gameing is the essence of all the emustuff for the people coming here. Add something for them. Why not start a Kaillera server for the forum members to meet and play ?IMHO the problem in emulation now is a change of generation. The older generation are people around the 30s, who over time lost interest and/or spare time for playing. The consoles these people are interested are well emulated, yet oldThe new generation is into nextgen consoles. Much younger and their consoles are not being emulated well enough or need too much hardwarepower to run smoothly. So they rather buy the original thing. And wont need to visit any emu site.So prepare for some years of boredom till the PCs get powerfull enough to emulate a PS2 or XBOX.Then emulation will revive. For the oldskool emufreaks there is no market on the web. They are set.

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yeah man arcades, one of the things i miss the most about michigan was this AWESOME arcade they had there that i had been going to ever since i was a little kidhttp://www.marvin3m.com/and emulating newer systems just isnt the same, i know what you mean, because its easier to just download them and mod the console :/ With older stuff it was more of a big deal because they where either expensive as hell or just hard to findive been on this website for like what? 3 years now, and ive yet to have a bad experience here, your not doing anything wrong, we just gotta wait for our lucky break or something, get mentioned on Joystiq or something somehowOr we could get alot of hype the way myspace does, Fake suicide notes online! we'll make the news!personally i think some kind of PR/Advertising thing would help the most, maybe have some kind of killer PC app with 1emu in the Help>Aboutmaybe a tracker of Legal Torrents? Some of those sites are pretty popular http://www.azureuswiki.com/index.php/Legal_torrent_sitesMaybe even some kind of store that sells everything, Make it Lik-Sang Vs Play Asia Vs 1Emu :PSome kind of videos section would be cool too, im probably gonna start a YouTube series of me doing stupid crap, doubt it will draw a massive crowd or anything though :POh and that reminds me, What if 1Emu had a myspace page? I know thats kinda...retarded...but hey throw it up on those "whore trains" and the word would spread around pretty fast, With 87 Million users someones gotta join

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By the wayhttp://www.marvin3m.com/wall3.jpgThat was my flocking corner right there, Dunno if you notice the War:Final Assault machines, But i used to sit there and flockin pwn everyone in the arcade at that game, If you ever stop by the place (highly reccomend it obviously, check out all the famous peopel that have been there) Type in your name as Shiba with PIN No. 7777 and youll have the top rank with everything unlocked :PLet me know if he fixed the Joystick on the center machine too :P I beat some guy so bad he broke it, no joke!some of those machines arent there anymore though, thats an old pic :/ War Gods was only there for like a week haha

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I came across 1emulation at a time when I was new to emulation in general, and had a lot of questions. There was then, and there still is a great, albeit small community of members here. That's what's kept me coming back. I think that if you are relying on emulation alone to spur the developemnt of 1emu, it's going to be a long road. I'm sure you know that better than I. Probably the one or one of the things those "other" sites have over us is their breadth of coverage. Maybe 1emu has to go down that road as well, cover emulation and gaming. We are obviously affected by the state of the emulation scene, and its grows and wains as new releases and projects are announced.1Emu may possibly be on the cusp of a break. Our mention in EGM was a good highlight. Bringing developers into the 1emu fold is definately attracting some new blood. But if you want to grow rapidly as the aforemnetioned sites, it will likely take a lot more staff + hard work. To be honest, I sort of like the 1emu community the way it is. I see our consequene of getting "bigger" as the 1Emu community turning into a *vomit* Gamefaqs.

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