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What a morning!



who is the scariest killer/monster from a scary movie?  

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I woke up to see 27 comments on the new 1Emulation v2.9. There is about an 95% positive feedback, and as suspected, a good 5-10% negative. I was suspecting it as it was the same reaction with the older design.




I'll be improving the 1Emulation Network Bar substantially this week and I'm thinking of changing the looks and effects completely.




We're also going to be creating a new logo for the IPB 2.1 Default skin. We just didn't have time to put it in before 1Emulation was back online from the upgrade. Thankfully we got a great graphics artist on the STAFF, BritneyPAIRS, who can help us out with that stuff. I'm going to try my best to make everyone happy with this transition to 1Emu v2.9! As for you guys who are already happy, get ready to be overjoyed. This is only the beginning of the saga as I am thinking and generating more and more ideas to come.


I'm also going to need a masseuse (person who massages you for a living) since my neck and back is killing me. I may buy a new chair in the process as well. This $20 chair I bought on sale has to go in the trash. Does anybody know any good computer/desk chairs for under $80?


BTW, if you own a PSP, check this link out. Best Buy is having a buy one, get one free sale on UMD movies.

Thanks to Wraggster from DCEmu for the link.


I don't have much more to say for this 2nd entree of my blog. Tomorrow, I'll post some dating tips. :naughty:

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