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Your top ten please

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    Emsley here. That's right.

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Im having a hard time choseing gba games simplie because there is so many to chose from.
If any one would like to list there top ten i iould really appreciate it.
Plus i wouldent waste my time getting poop games becvause there is a lot of bad apples on the gba.
I just got contra its a remake of the snes one i read there was a complete new version avaiabile for it?[i only played the first levell]



    Your Ayatollah of Rock N' Rolla!

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Probally in your list you should have.

1. Street Fighter Alpha 3, I heard it is preety good.

2. Tekken Advance, You see I like Fighting Games :roll:

3. The newest Mega-Man game. (Keeps you action-packed)

Well thats all I can think of since I don't download GBA Roms that much, but there you go. :oops:



    RMŧT ]v[D

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1. Advance Wars - The best gba game ever. It is turn based strategy goodness. One of my favourite games ever. GENIUS!!!!!!!!!

2. Tony Hawks Pro Skater 4 - I think Tony Hawks works well on the GBA and the latest version is pretty cool. I like how it feels more relaxed without time limits in places.

3. Lord of the Rings: Two Towers - Best sound on a GBA game so far, the graphics are also pretty tasty. Like a handheld version of diablo, so lots of hacking and slashing, leveling up, weapons, magic, items etc.

4. Street Fighter Zero Upper 3(Street Fighter Alpha 3) - THis game is in Jap but still really easy to pick up. Best fighter on the GBA probably.

5. Doom II - A really accurate port of Doom II on the PC. 128M cart so the graphics and sound are better than the first GBA Doom. It is also brighter which helps

6. Golden Sun - Best RPG on the GBA. Excellent graphics and an interesting story to keep you hooked.

7. Sum of all fears - Not many people would choose this but to me it feels like an isometric COunter Strike game. It is really good once you get the hang of the controls.

8. Silent Scope - Good conversion of the arcade game. If you like it in the arcade then get this

9. Metroid Fusion - ROCKS!

10. Pinball Advance - This is pinball fantasies and pinball dreams from the Amiga ported. Perfect conversion for the GBA and I have spent hours tryin to beat my high scores.

11. Megaman Zero - Just get it, trust me. Brilliant game. Everyone loves Megaman!

12. Castlevania(Harmony of Dissonance and Circle of the moon) Both really excellent castlevania games with nice graphics and atmosphere.

13. CT Special Forces - Feels and plays just like Metal Slug, so until Metal Slug actually comes out on GBA, you should get this.

14. Megaman Battle Network 1 & 2 - Not the best games but they are pretty fun RPG/action.

15. Mario Kart Super Circuit - Mario Kart on the Snes but with new tracks

16. Klonoa Empire of Dreams - Really good platformer

17. Sonic Advance - Some people hated this but I love all 2d Sonic games.

18. Virtua Tennis - Really good port of the Dreamcast version. Animation isn't as good but the playability is still there.

19. Kirby Star fountain of Dreams - Kirby for the GBA. It is a port of the Snes game so it is pretty short. Still really good though. It's Japanese but it doesn't matter, there is nothing to understand.

20. IK+ - If you remember this game from the Amiga, then you will like the GBA version. It's a karate game with lots of high pitched squealing heh.

21. F Zero Advance - Another great Snes port.

22. Ecks vs Sever( and the second one called Ballistic) - More FPS on the gameboy and it works well. The second game is even better.

22. Duke Nukem 3d - Another good FPS on the GBA

23. Gekido Advance - Feels really like Streets of Rage on the genesis

24. Driver Advance - Really nice port of the PSX game. Also in 3d but still fun.

25. Vrally 3 - Amazing graphics but really boring after a while. Worth it to just see the nice graphics though.

26. Broken Sword - Great graphics and if you have played the PC version then you know what to expect. It's a point a click adventure but with no point and click anymore heh.

27. Tekken Advance - A good port of tekken for the GBA. Nice graphics and the gameplay is good.

28. Fire Pro Wrestling 2 - If you have to get a wrestling game for GBA then get this one because the WWF(or E, whatever :oops:) ones suck

29. Breath of Fire 1 and 2 - There aren't many RPGs on GBA yet but these 2 are nice ports from the Snes versions with some extras.

30. Speedball 2 - It is a brutal sports game. Port from the Amiga, so it is identical in ever way. It is a lot of fun though.

31. Tactics Ogre - If you have played any of the other tactics games then you will like this. It is a great game.

32. Super Mario Advance 1,2,3 - All these are fun of course!

33. Wario Land 4 - I actually prefer this over Mario Advance 1. It looks good and Wario is cool.

34. Worms world party - It's worms, so if you don't like any of the other games then probably best to avoid this one. I however think blowing up things is fun.

All these should keep you occupied for a loooooong time :roll:



    Cyborg Admin

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#1: Metroid Fusion

#2: Castlevania - Harmony of Disonnance

#3: Super Mario Advance 2 - Super Mario World

#4: Super Mario Advance 3 - Yoshi's Island

#5: Rainbow Six - Rogue Spear (Top down [Isometric?] version of the game, true to maps, sounds and a good feel of similar gameplay. You should try it, get you're tactical shooter fix on a handheld)

#6: ? I have only played 5 GBA games. lol



    Starving Wolf

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I've played very few games.. but I'd have to say my favorite is Advance Wars



    Emsley here. That's right.

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Smashin stuff, i will be looking into these games in the future thanks for the long list dc.
Brill guys :oops: :roll: :? :D :lol:

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