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Poll: Are you a next gen Fanboy?

Are you a next gen Fanboy?

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    ĐR€ĹMÇŧT ]v[ŘD

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Ok considering this is an emulation site I would guess the number of fanboys of the next gen consoles to be low. I am a Dreamcast fanboy and probably a bit of a Sega and Nintendo one too. I don't however take it as a personal insult when someone says "xxxx Nintendo/Sega game/console is rubbish", even if I happen to think it is one of the best games/consoles ever.

I make this topic because I have finally stopped posting on gamefaqs. I really can't stand it there anymore. No matter where you post in any topic, you always get some spotty immature fanboy coming in and saying how much your console SUCKS and his RULES. Why would anyone care!?

I'm in the lucky position where I have a well paid job and I can buy all the consoles and all the exclusive games so maybe thats why I don't particularly understand it but I think it's really funny/disturbing how fans of consoles put themselves into little tribes and have thier verbal wars. I know this is nothing new but it does seem to be worse than ever because gaming is so mainstream now.

Anyway to end this rant I ask you all if you are fanboys and if so you can give your reasons why :P



    I Hate You

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hmm... well, i guess im a bit of a nintendo fanboy, or cant you tell? :P i did, though, put alot of thought into what nextgen console i would purchase. i made a deal with myself that i wouldnt purchase all three, since i have very limited time inwhich to play them. so, i waited about a year, and just watched what types of games were coming out for each system. let me mention that i have never been one for violent games or movies. ive had too much violence in my life... what i need is an escape from it. so, one thing i was looking for was a greater majority of "rated E for everyone" type of games.

another thing was that, last time around, i purchased a psx instead of an n64. the n64 is the only nintendo console i have never owned. im sorry to say, but i was rather disappointed with the psx. dont get me wrong, it was a good system with some good games, but, i found very few that gained my intrest. then, finally getting a chance to play the n64 6 months later, just made me dislike the psx even more. i guess i also missed the familar characters, such as mario and link. i decided then that i would stick with nintendo in the future when shopping for a console. :) i still do play my playstation, though, but only 2 or 3 games, the rest gather dust.

so, with all that said, i finally decided on the gamecube. :D im pretty happy with it too. the games are great, and i never get tired of playing them several times over. with more good games on the way, i will most definately never get bored with my cube, like i did with the psx. im sure every console has its strong points. its just that the cube has what i was looking for. that doesnt mean that the ps2 and xbox are bad. life is too short to give a cr@p what anyone else thinks about the console you most favor. its just stupid. :lol:



    Proud Fan

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i shos no and if ask why i do have gc and ps2 and i plan to have xbox
(and of course two lovly dc) ask again why i did shoos no ok here the reson
as for psx2 i didnt play with it even once (i plane to play clock towr3 in the futer)as for gc i did play some game but i didnt finsh any one of them because i dont have mush time,must study to have high degre
as for xbox i just want to have it for two resone only
1. for emu stuff
2. want to use xbox as a pc




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Nah, I'll just wait for the emulator.

Computer is more important than those things :P

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