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ATTTENTION: Nintendo DS Trojan Bricker!

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Terrible news was brought to me this morning that a Nintendo DS trojan was made. Brakken, part of the 1Emulation Radio Show Team and owner of [ TehSkeen.net ], was the first to bring it to the world's attention. This is the first trojan for the Nintendo DS that was made only a week after the PSP virus. The author of this DS trojan was DarkFader, a well respected scene developer of both #DSDev and #PSPDev. However, his actions were no where endorsed by #DSDev where it was the original spread point.

From the creator of #DSDev on IRC (EFNET)...

Oct 06 23:58:52 <DarkFader> void EraseEverything()
Oct 06 23:58:52 <DarkFader> {
Oct 06 23:58:52 <DarkFader>    //EraseFirmware();      // tested. is run by ARM7
Oct 06 23:58:54 <DarkFader>    //EraseG6();
Oct 06 23:58:56 <DarkFader>    //EraseSupercard();    // tested
Oct 06 23:58:56 <DarkFader>    //EraseMoviePlayer();  // tested
Oct 06 23:58:58 <DarkFader>    //EraseXGFlash();      // tested
Oct 06 23:58:58 <DarkFader> }

For the infected, if you don't have flashme installed, or a sayno flash chip, you can't restore it without opening your DS. Flashme adds restore code to the firmware in case it doesn't flash properly. Otherwise, you need to build a parallel port flasher and open your DS. It erases the G6 firmware, Supercard firmware, Movieplayer, and XGflash, so it can't be used which basically stops you from being able to recover your DS even if you had flashme installed. You can recover the gbamp if you have a flash card or flashme and a wmb-capable wifi card, by using the gbamp NDS Firmware hack. Any cartridge that has a linker should be fine. We're still not sure if it's possible to recover with xgflash, but supercard users are going to have a problem. Disturbingly, DarkFader made a restore program with this trojan, but he wasn't able to restore his erased supercard on his own hardware while testing it.

In conclusion, remember folks, keep your eyes open in both the PSP and Nintendo DS scene. There will always be trojans and viruses; this is just the first released one. Lastly, #dsdev or even #pspdev will never ever support such as they were only made to support real homebrew. Don't ever forget it!

Big thanks to SgStair, Pepsiman, and Joat for information regarding this matter.



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I was just about to point out the meaning of the japanese word, but I guess I don't have to now. First a PSP virus and now a DS Trojan? The future is not too bright.




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Stunning idiocy continues at a relentless pace it seems, not only does this attack the very devices we enjoy for our gaming, the very industry that makes frankly brings alot of fun and fond memories to people, this also attacks the very homebrew scene itself, making it loose repute, trust and frankly squashing the enthusiasm potential developers may have.

It's also rather sad that such things will mainly damage people of a fairly young age range, I know if I was a kid and my favourite toy was reduced to junk, it wouldn't be a happy experience to put it politely.

The 'just because I can' attitude is irresponsible and pathetic, with little consideration for the consequences, it saddens me that dickless spotty pale faced sexless freaks have to do such things to boost their otherwise microscopic egos.



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next up will be the toaster and coffemaker, and refrigerator trojans...




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sorry for reacting so late, I only read up on this yesterday (and I've just been playing around with WifiMe since the last few weeks)....
if anything, it seems DarkFader himself feels quite bad about this. While the bad's already happened, it's at least very honest of him to write a formal apology on his site.



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This is just plain damn stupid. Why would you bother making a Trojan for the Ds or Psp? someone needs to get a life *points at darkfader*

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