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A close encounter with a 38DD

Posted by L.S.D , 26 August 2006 · 2,571 views

That's right. Boobies. Yeah..... :naughty:

Everyone heard about karaoke? You know, the Asian craze, where anyone can try to be a Britney Spears wannabe by yakking on the microphone while trying to follow the lyrics on the TV?
Well, in our side here, there are some "special" karaoke bars where there are really beautiful Guest Relations Officers (known as GRO hence onwards) accompanying you to sing while "playing" games with you.  :roll1:  :roll1:

it all happens one night. We have a massive party during our company dinner and we drink a lot. I mean
really a lot (around 30 jugs of beers) for one 10-man table. But something is missing....yeah, girls. My company is crap when it comes to gorgeous girls. So, I suggest that let us go to this karaoke bar which my friend introduce to me a few months back.

So, off we go, 7 jocks to the bar. Ahhh...memories. When you enter the bar, you would think that you are travelling back in time. One lady is performing on the stage, wearing 60s Shanghai clothes, dishing out a really really old Chinese songs. Golden couples waltz dancing to the old sombre tune. All my colleagues are looking at me whether I bring them to the right place.

Familiar with the place, i bring them to the back of the place where an evelator is waiting for us.
Going up a floor, we arrived to ...the heaven. yeah :o Boobies heaven. Pretty Chinese ladies awaiting us
all to bring to our private room. The night is starting to get better.

Mummy Irene come to see us and ask us which type of girls we would like to have as companion for the night? I want big boobs! one of my colleagues shouted. The "Mummy" look bemused but went off.
And she come back with 7 gorgeous womens with boobs the size of ...of........crap, I can't describe it.

So, each of us choose a girl as companion. And well, let just say we let teh TV do the singing. We have another round of drinking. And the girls are really wild. THey sure know how to enjoy themselves too!

i ask the girl which I have choosen: (translated for reading purpose)
What's your name, girly?
Linda, Linda........hmmm, nice name. And Nice bodies too :o
Thank you.
So, is this real? *pointing to boobies*
Of course, 38DD and I am proud of it!
How do I know it is real? I think i need to do some "checkup"
naughty boy! *but still bring my hands to her boobs

Man........I didn't know about you guys but they are the softest pair of boobs I have ever held. So firm...
no sag at all. Ahh...putting my face onit...just like a pillow.....I am in boob's heaven.

Linda: Do you like it?
Me    : No.......
Linda: Why?!? *looking upset*
Me    : You didn't show me enough yet...........*and proceed to XXXXXXXXX

The night is long, we all truly enjoy ourselves (and proceed to burn a hole in our pocket). SOme lurid details have been left out for the sake of censorship here.

Ahhh, we can't wait for our next trip.......

If there's any truth to that story, I am so envious.
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it is the truth. You come to Malaysia, i bring you there :P
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it is the truth. You come to Malaysia, i bring you there :naughty:

I want to go there too.
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it is the truth. You come to Malaysia, i bring you there :naughty:

I want to go there too.

You are welcome, Fatal! i AM SURE you will know how to enjoy yourself there :naughty: :naughty: :naughty: And with your "exotic" look, the girls might want to give it for free, just for you :D
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I need a trip there, Lsd you play games @ work and then go out to do "karaoke". Damn you *waves hands*.
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I wanna go there too! :naughty: Posted Image
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I want to hold big boobies! :naughty: Please? :naughty:
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This thread is useless without pics!!!!!
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Here's to hoping my band gets famous in Mylaysia
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This thread is useless without pics!!!!!

I couldn't agree more :naughty:
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This thread is useless without pics!!!!!

I couldn't agree more :naughty:

Ok, I'll remind myself to take "those" pictures on our next visit :naughty:
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