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I bid for a Dreamcast on our local version of eBay.   And it arrived yesterday.   TO my dismay, i can't play it!!!! Argggghhhhhh! There is no AV cable for me to connect to the TV   Now I have to cough up additional USD20 to get the cable online   Damn...........   EDIT: My cable arrived yesterday!!!! I was so happy when I turn it on and the familiar DC logo come out Now, I need to burn myself a Utopia disc



A close encounter with a 38DD

That's right. Boobies. Yeah.....   Everyone heard about karaoke? You know, the Asian craze, where anyone can try to be a Britney Spears wannabe by yakking on the microphone while trying to follow the lyrics on the TV? Well, in our side here, there are some "special" karaoke bars where there are really beautiful Guest Relations Officers (known as GRO hence onwards) accompanying you to sing while "playing" games with you.   it all happens one night. We have a massive party during our company d



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