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I have a problem


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what the --- is your problem...shut the ------ and let me release these sources...everyone wants them


everyone should know that YOU alone are the reason we dont have an updated kawa-x


BAN this idiot so we can move the scene forward



thanx :P

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Your posting abilities have been suspended for 1 week.

If you break the rules again, your account will be permanently banned.


You have broken the following rule...


Attacks on Posters


Vicious attacks on posters will not be tolerated. Disagreements between posters are fine, but personal attacks on posters' intelligence, character, etc. are not. Any personal disputes between posters should be taken to Private Messages. If you are attacked by another poster, PM a moderator, and let him/her handle the problem.


Board Rules are located @ http://www.1emulation.com/forums/index.php?act=boardrules


PS: I also had to edit your thread titile.

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