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when you look at the xbox mobo...you can see 2 chips on the board about 1in. x 1in. and 2 other spaces on the board where there could be 2 more of these chips but they are missing...all the small solder pads are there but the chips arent...these 2 blank spots are where you put (2) 32 meg chips...you can take a dead xbox mobo and remove the (2) chips from the dead mobo and solder then to a new xbox mobo in those 2 empty spaces...then you need to patch your xbox apps that you want to run so they can use the extra RAM.....there are about 100 or 150 teeny tiny legs on the ram chips so its REALLLLLLY tough to make 100 perfect smal solder connections...some people have ways of doing it where they lay down a solder line across all the legs and then use a de-solder braid to remove the exxcess solder...but this is level 100 soldering here i mean these things are small....ive done all sorts of ps2\xbox mods and this one is by far untouchable for me

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