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Smack Down 4 - SHUT YOUR MOUTH


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Man this game is GREAT, it's like the best overall WRESTLING game YET, I was shocked at what an improvement it is over last year smackdown, also I was shocked to see that HBK was in the game too, and all you SCSA fans hes still there. Plus they got folks like DDP in there that are retired good stuff indeed. NOW I CAN"T WAIT TILL RAW 2 is released this march on the XBOX it's supposed to be head above heals better then the sucky first raw on XBOX.

If your a WWE fan though go out, and buy smackdown 4 it's worth it, and this is coming from a wrestling fan who has smackdown 2 to 4 :):x.

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i got shut your mouth the day it came out and i have been so hooked on that game i totaly abandoned vice city lol the story lines just get ya in the season mode and the create a character is just so awesome and in depth even down to eye color and cheek bone structure!!!very good game i cant wait for the xbox sequel hopefully it will be as good as the playstation version. but i am also excited about the def jam vendetta thats coming out its made by AKI and everyone knows the N64 wrestling games ruled so looks to be a good yr next yr for wrestling game fans with those 2 coming plus another smackdown for ps2 coming late in the yr maybe nothing confirmed but they said hey are looking to update every yr.

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