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I have no idea what the heck to do. I downloaded Fighters megamix off a site, they had it downloaded in parts, now that i am done i don't know what the hell to do. Can someone help me out. I need to know how to run this in the saturn emu.


You can see my problem.

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First off, i wouldnt suggest downloading any ISOs off of websites as most of the time they will be corrupt and/or missing files. Ive had very few success in d/ling ISOs off websites (one notable success was Sonic CD,which i had never played before but always wanted to. Besides,some links nowadays to ISO's.much like ROMS are dead). Try d/ling off of P2P's and other such fare as the game will most likely come intact then than off a site and wont be annoyingly splt into rars like your file is. Second off, Saturn emulation is very primitive right now and you wont get much if anything out of it anytime soon, even with the recommended top-of-the-line PC's for Saturn emus. I tried my Fighters Megamix Saturn disc on Cassini and it CHUGGED and was unplayable. Most likely because of my 1.6 ghz Pentium 4 and my ATI Rage 128 Ultra video card :rolleyes:

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