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[8/31/04] Metal Gear Solid 2

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You can kiss poster by getting yourself into a locker with a poster on the inside of the door and pressing R1. :(


Also, if you check Olga after you've drgged her a bit, you'll see that she wears no bra.

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Hey try shooting several segals down, the codec will sound, you will hear Campbell and Rose dissing out on Raiden :P

Also, if you shoot the seaguls enough times, they start to crap on you even more. It's always fun to tranquilize one of them and punch it off the railing.

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Wow, I missed this whole review the first time around.


Thing is, I liked mgs2 when I played it, rented it for a day and finished it then took it back, it was an okay game, but not great (I thought splinter cell had done a better job of sneaking-game design by then anyway).


That said, SNK, I know you claim that you take games too seriously because you want to work in the industry, but from the sheer vehemence of your complaints against Hideo Kojima, it seems to me (and correct me if I'm wrong here) that it's almost as if you've picked him as a nemesis. This could be either because he's in a position you want to be in one day (he's a game guru), or because you honestly feel that you can do much better than him, but the simple fact is that most gamers liked mgs2 to varying extents. And it probably isn't because of endless hype, or because they thought Hideo Kojima was god, it's because they thought mgs2 was a good game.


That's just my thoughts.

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It's nothing to do with me being biased (the only bias I have is towards well designed games). And this game is very badly designed. Apart from a few redeeming features (music, sound, characters etc), it's the most over-rated game ever.

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