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fbaxxx build 2004-08-31

>> Fbaxxx team released a new version of fbaxxx(info) - a neogeo, cps2, cps1 emulator for Xbox. What's new/fixed:


* auto frame skipping

* sample rate can be changed

* viewing inputs during game and replay (usefull for training mode)

* GUI and skin engines rewritten, skin use a xml configuraion file and items positionning is 100% accurate

* option to reset all cheats to default

* reset shortcut (L + R + Black) is now disabled during play (can be enabled via ini)

* players to gampads assignation can be changed (reset to default on game exit)

* autodetect type of controller on insert, so if using an arcade stick, ingame menu will be mapped to L + R

* flash support for all backgrounds and game previews (thanx to ysbox for his lib)

* some other minor improvements that you might (or might not) see


* saved cheat configuration not restored on rom load

* game specific controller config not restored on rom load

* misreading of inputs when systems screens browsing was set to use black/white instead of L/R

* random crash in the menu when browsing cheats

* typo error in replay module leading to always tell the user replay not compatible with FBA-PC

* many other minor fixes i've done before logging to this file.


* all drivers for less than 3 year-old games in order to not going against the FBA licence.

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Does anyone have any demonstation vids of what this "Flash support" could look like in the emu? Is it a plugin that allows you to map a video to the Background and previews?

Download the skin pack from #xbins and select Artik skin in FBAXXX, its done in Flash.

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