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cheeky girls


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ill have a meal of slipknott, followed by goldfinger, and ill have a little

system of a down if you dont mind.

Im not much for classic rock, i think metallica were over rated although ido like iron maiden the high pitched screams that guy makes make me laff.

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I have to say though that I hate ALL throwaway pop music. I have never bought a single like that in my life. I'd much rather have some Jimi Hendrix or some SRV or just any good RAWK!


im with you DCL. :D give me some CCR, The Doors or all most anything classic rock. 8) im not too into the stuff they put out today, that rock/rap junk. :) when i was younger, i was into punk music quite a bit, but grew out of it once it became too pop like and rubbery. :cry: (thanks alot blink182. :evil: ) i'll take some good old pink floyd anyday! :evil::evil:


I´m with you guys, Let´s rock, born to be wild yeah

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WTF? How old are they? (They have nice bodies, but dayum! Need face transplants)


Sorry........I'm not usually critical, but when someone is in the public eye, I tend to be. (Gimme the S-Club 7 girls any day plz)


Yeah those girls are kinda UGLY to be honest for my tastes :evil:.

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