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[8/22/04] Clock Tower 3

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Game: Clock Tower 3

Genre: Good Question

System: PS2

Emulators: Unknown




First off, Clock Tower 3 is nothing like the original two. Not in storyline, characters, gameplay, nothing. Actually, the gameplay is similar, but still very different. And there are vague mispelled references to the original games, but the storyline just doesn't match up...and I was hoping to see the scissorman again...*sigh*


Anyway, the game starts off with an Old Man (referred to as "The Dark Man" once in the story) walking up to a large mansion (where your "mum" lives). As he approaches it, the entire thing goes up in flames! Several explosions blast out from the house as "The Clock Tower" emerges from the house. End preview.




You get a letter from your mum saying that you need to run and hide somewhere until your 15th birthday has passed. You were sent to a boarding school 3 years ago, presumably to escape your grandfather, who decided to leave shortly before that. Naturally, instead of doing as your muther asks, you decide to return to the house. Upon your arrival, you find the old man standing in you kitchen. He says he's one of the boarders, and that your mom left 2 days ago. He's certainly happy to see you though... He leaves, and you're left to explore a bit.


This game revolves around the banishing of "Entities". Entities possess murderers, and grow in power as they kill more people. They chase you around for a while, old school Clock Tower style, until you reach a certain point and recieve some kind of holy bow, which you then have to kill them with. If you charge it enough, the arrow will fire a chain, linking them to one spot. After you've hit them with enough chains, you can fire your special attack, and they get owned. It's easy to do this on everyone but the final boss, who attacks too rapidly for you to be able to chain him repeadetly.


That's basically the game right there, there's only 4 entities for you to fight, though they are cool, except for the lame Scissor twins. Who do NOT use scissors, they use two swords and hold them like a pair of scissors. Occaisonally. And one of them is female. Just to show that they are NOT the real Barrows twins.


The music is good, and fits the theme well. A great soundtrack really.


The controls are not Capcom's standard 2d movement setup. Which is both good and bad. They replaced it with some kind of lame 3d movement scheme, which often times proves too slow to keep up with my reaction speed.


The graphics are fine, but nothing great. It doesn't contain as much gore as I would have liked either.


In short, I was dissapointed. It wasn't a true Clock Tower sequel. Had it been called something else, I would have enjoyed it more, because I wouldn't have expected it to BE a true sequel. It really is a good game though.


Gameplay: 7/10

Grahpics: 7/10

Sound: 10/10

Controls: 5/10


Overall: 7 C-


Just rent it.

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Great Review! Keep them going. :P :P

I have several that I was planning to do, but never got around to.


On that list I have...


The Suffering (PS2)

T.H.U.G. (X-BOX/PS2)

Gradius 3 & 4 (PS2)

Fatal Frame (PS2)

Shadowrun (SNES)


I'm sure they'll be done eventually.

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are you sure it`s only on ps2??......cause I think I sow it on Pc :unsure:

I don't remember ever hearing about it being on the PC...but ya never know.

sory.. I`ve mestaken with another game..realy sory :lol:

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