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Normally I partitioned my hard drive into a number of drives that would let me install an OS in a single drive. I'll never install another OS on the same drive as my friend told me better not to do so. It will corrupt the whole windows systems if anything bad happened.


Okay, back to roofus.....

Next, you ever heard of a DVD Image?  The binary dump of the data on a DVD? A single ISO file of a DVD can go over 4gb, and guess what the maximum filesize of FAT32 is? 4gb... after that, you run into some major problems.

Really? But sadly I haven't try to make full image of DVD completely as I am using Fantom CD to make DVD image. Can divide it into files. :spamspam:

If you lose stuff on an NTFS volume, it can easily be recovered.  Lose it on a fat32 volume, chances are its just plain gone (I am talking due to filesystem errors not deleted files, which anyone can recover).

Oh, that's why I can't recover back my old files. (Under Virtual PC that is while I was playing with some OS'es. :gangabanga: )

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