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My new system


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I'll stick with the Max Paynes.

Now you are talking about games :D

I know. I meant that if I wanted to get finnish software that offers eye-candy for my new system, I'll take Max Payne over 3DMark03. :(

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The only probelm I have now is with my internet connection... I've set up everything s I should be but... when I try to download something the speed starts out fast, but then slowly decelerates untill no data is moving.


This doesn't pose a problem when I load webpages, but with flash movies and stuff like that, the connection just slowly dies. I had similar problems before, and I fixed it by disabling Full Duplex. However, I can't find such a featur in the BIOS or anywhere else.


I haven't checked the motherboards CD yet though (the network card is integrated).

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I was looking to build an athlon 64 machine too but things prices went higher and higher and when i realised about that i was way far form the initial budget, i could buy it anyway but i just don`t wanna waste all my savings. So a barton 2600+ should do, i was thinking of a barton 3200+ or sth with 400 fsb but prices aren`t that gr8 and that thingie is very near to its performance edge. Besides i will never use that much power i guess. I think i will use a radeon 9700 pro also. Just curious how good are gecube and gigabyte gfx cards?

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