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CDX Loading Issues


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Okay, I just built my first multi-game Xbox disc using CDX with the following games:


Marvel vs. Capcom 2

Capcom vs. SNK 2 EO

FBA-XXX (with fighting game ROMS)

Guilty Gear XX #Reload

Soul Calibur 2


The problem is that Marvel 2 and Capcom/SNK 2 have a long load time when I launch them from the menu (like 15~30 sec.) while the others load immediately. I tried on multiple Xboxes and the result was the same. Testing the disc from the Hard Drive, there was no load time (as I expected).


I'm assuming that the long load times could be a result of the disc being too large (since it is around 4.3GB) and that laser is having to read the outside edge of the disc.


I'm thinking of removing Soul Calibur 2 and trying again with a smaller disc to see if the problem persists, however I figure I'd ask to see if anyone else has had the same problem before wasting another DVD-R.

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