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power instinct m1 problem

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Anyway, the correct m1 & m1d 'R both 128 Kb.


If U need a rom of 256 Kb, just type Dos cmd prompt : copy /b Name of Ur rom + Name of Ur rom again Name of the saved rom...


exemple : copy /b 266-m1d.bin + 266-m1d.bin 266-m1df.bin ; then, rename 266-m1df.bin (256 Kb) in 266-m1d.bin or what U need.



The other way : open Ur default.xbe with an hex editor, search Ur rom name string, then edit the size just before Ur rom inverted crc : replace 4 (4 for 256 Kb) with 2 (2 for 128 Kb) in this case, then save.

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opened with hex editor and located the 266-m1.bin text string on the right and a bunch of numbers mostly double zeros on the right. where should i look for the inverted crc.


I 've noticed that they 've removed 266-m1d crc for matrim romset & that 's the only m1d of 256 Kb in the 2 vers. of fbaxpec. To edit the m1d size, go to offset 2932BE & replace 04 with 02, then save.

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