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HOW to search own chankast Utilities's codebreaker

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5. Return to game, and you should see the LIFE has been locked. Now run ccfa (Chankast Cheat Finder Assistant), input the address in the left side, and press CONVERT->. The address on the right side is the code breaker address you want.


see pic66.jpg




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6. Run notepad, write the address like the format, and save it in chts folder with ext name.cht.


see pic77.jpg



Q: Where sould I find ARTMONEY?

A: http://www.artmoney.ru/e_download_se.htm


Q: Where is the utilities from?

A: http://chancast.1emulation.com


Q: Where should I find CODE BREAKER?

A: http://www.cmgsccc.com/dc/index.php?game=186


Search them for yourself.


Q: Where should I find DC saves?

A: http://sapporo.cool.ne.jp/jeffma/dc/index.htm

NOTE: You should need ELSEMI's VMSBROWSER.


Q: Could I use GAMESHARK codes?

A: Were still researching it at the moment.

A:is here..





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PS: the snap88.jpg is researching for DOA2 limit.

I want to say :The english TUTORIAL is made by MR.F, not me. I'm say:Sorry for late.





the doa2 nude?




here othe search ,codebreaker added


[P1 clothes]



[P2 clothes]






[wait cg]


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That DOA2LE code is very old. Anyways yeah. I know the procedure and all, but is there a simpler way of finding the right value?

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