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zsnes multi help


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man i just tried for an hour to connect a frenind to me.

I started as the server and verified my ip adress he tried to connect to me and he could not fc@king thing.

we had the same version of zsnes and the same copy of the game.

wy oh wy!

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Certain criteria MUST be met exactly.


1: rom names must match 100% (This doesn't affect initial connect)

2: Exact same versions of ZSnes must be used (You said you did, good)

3: Be patient on dialup (doesn't matter if just one of you are on dialup, it will take anywhere from 30 seconds to 3 minutes to make an initial connect)

3: Firewall users - You may need to disable your firewall (or just disable

it for UDP port 7845) in order to get the UDP protocol that ZSNESw's

netplay uses to work. (I personally hate firewalls and believe that no PC user has need of one. Firewalls belong on servers)

4: Internet Connection Sharing users (Win9x systems) - You may need

to download an ICS Configuration software to get your connection to

work and map UDP port 7845. You can find one at:



Emsley, you can always give m a ring. It could be that you're friend just doesn't have a clue. lol

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