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Prican25 I Need Your Help


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right now if u see this

or anytime after 7pm cst

aim name is shadowfire36

or if u could load them to alt.binaries.emulators.neogeo

and what happen to my mslug4 i upload your newest version of fbaxxx and it doesnt work now

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k, i'll post it in newsgroups in the moring then :P


btw about mslug4, if yours is what gogo had as mslug4nd just rename it to mslug4b as it is the bootleg release. mslug4 encrypted works fine now.


this also applies to matrimnd

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ebonics died a while ago kid :mellow:


having i'll prob with the newserver, they say it should be fixed by tomorrow


EDIT: just tested it and its working now :D will be posting in a few ;)

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i have the roms set for prican25

once i have the 3 missing fills and mslug 4


i live in the handheld hub run by g19 in dc

once i have them complete you can get it from me

i dont have time burn crap i work 6 days 12 hr shifts no way i can do it for ya bro

devious.sytes.net is dc addy

you need to post in handle held and ask g19 for a user name and pass

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