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Saturn Emu For Dreamcast

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I just bought my second dreamcast.  What a deal!  2 controllers, 2 light guns, 2 memory cards and house of the dead 2 for $80 Canadian--in the original box with manuals, web browser etc!


I have a Saturn, but it's a model 1 and can't be chipped.  Try finding any GOOD games for a reasonable price...  =(


This emu looks interesting.  Being able to play Saturn on Dreamcast would ROCK.

The only thing lacking from my Dreamcast deal were light guns but the rest of the deal was pretty sweet.

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so an emulator for saturn on dc,but doesnt saturn have like 3 cpu i think 2x hitachi sh2 and 1x sh1.

Yes, but apparently the Dreamcast can handle that.

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i guess the sh4 is really all that.and powered by the nec powervr i cant wait to see nights in dreamcast resolution thats if the emulator advances to play commercial games.

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