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neocream update


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Hey Baseley

All you have to do is pick a game of your choice, just write in text in any word spread sheet, if you want to include photos do so but they must be JPEG you can also have funky animations in GIF format.

Send it to me in an email, i will then put it up on the site [You also get your name on the site in big letters ohhhhhhhhhhhhh]

Look at the reviews on the site to say what asspects of the game should be noted in your review i e playabilaty graphics sound replay value.

You can mail me threw this forum or click on home at neo cream aand scroll down to contacts/submissions.

Neo cream is been updated a lot from now untill its ready for its top secret "link" [hehe]

If you help you will be creditid!!

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Made the site look a bit better today removed some sections added one new section.

Updated a review with some pics.

Review for rage of the dragons needed, i would review it myself but i have not played it enuff and dont understand the controlls or moves very good yet. :)

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Where did all the neo geo roms go to dude???


:x he choose to take them down. lets just say he was borrowing them without the other party knowing. :) i think he's going to put some back up when he gets some more web space.

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