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Now With Chankast-->new Rips Of Large Games?

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I asked this once before, but with the release of Chankast, do you think there will be new rips of games that were downsampled or had things removed? No need to make them fit on a CD anymore!


Does anyone have a list of games that were downsampled? I didn't keep the.nfos--though not all of them indicated when things were altered.


Is it worth investing in a coders cable to rip my own games? I'd rather have the game(s) as they were. Why emulate downsampled goods?


Interested in your thoughts...


these are exciting times!

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I know that some games weren't ripped at all, I assume because they couldn't fit them down onto 1 cd. D2 comes to mind. I never saw a release of that.

if you look at the nfo's on a lot of echelon releases, you can see that on most games nothing truly important was ripped. a lot can be accomplished with downsampling of audio and video. But I guess I can think of a few cases were that hurt the quality of the game. I'd love to have Shenmue without that horrible downsampled audio.

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Yah, I think some of the FMV in RECV was downsampled--a few of them looked pretty gross.


I've read nfos (forget for which game(s)) that ripped out audio tracks and just pointed the game to others they left there as a way of saving space. I'd like to hear the original audio!


Yah, I never saw D2 either....maybe it will see a release now?

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You certainly won't see any done by the known release groups. Do you think they really care?

I know you aren't "complaining" here, but if you want a game that isn't missing ANYTHING, go buy it. I don't care that some of my games are missing things that a) I didn't even know should be there to begin with b ) don't affect anything regarding gameplay.


Another reason I think nobody will do it, is because it can't be played in a real Dreamcast.......and you would have to burn the image files onto a DVD-R as a Data disc. Pretty damn pointless if you ask me, just to appease people who want the whole thing and aren't willing to pay for it.


Games like D2 that haven't been ripped due to size should be now. You should know here, that unlike Alone in the Dark, D2 contains data files that are too large to split over to multiple discs. AITD retail is 2 GDs, and a backup is 4........because they were able to split everything to 2 discs. The same goes for Soldier of Fortune, it was only one disc retail but a backup is 2.

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I know you aren't "complaining" here, but if you want a game that isn't missing ANYTHING, go buy it.




Pretty damn pointless if you ask me, just to appease people who want the whole thing and aren't willing to pay for it.

Just to be clear, I'm a dreamcast owner--and proud! I have over 20 original discs (I know that might be small potatoes in these waters)--but I can't really rip them myself. I'm clueless regarding coding cables etc--hence my inquiry.


"Why not just play them on your dreamcast?" might be the next obvious question. Besides this being a forum on emulation? :lol:


To me, there's something MUCH cooler about playing games on my PC. Whether it's SNES, Neo Geo or now Dreamcast--I like having collections of games on my HD. Plus, I've always hated the dreamcast controllers. Sorry to their fans--but I think they blow. I bought a few Mad Katz (sp?) pads that were bigger, but I still got slaughtered at fighting games. Maybe the fault lies with me--I'm much better with a dual shock...


I use a PSX-->USB adapter, and I love playing my old PSX games on my PC. Now I can do the same with dreamcast (albiet with an upgrade).


If it was as simple as putting my discs in my DVD-burner and ripping them this wouldn't be an issue. I own RECV, and I also have a backup. On the backup, the FMV blows. I can only play the BACKUP on my PC. There will come a day when my dreamcast will no longer work, and then I'll have to hunt one down on ebay. To me, that's a pain in the ass. I know for others it's not a big deal.


Anyhow, I starting to blab here.


I agree wholeheartedly that a great number of people don't pay for their games--and perhaps helped put the final nail in the DC's coffin. Just want to point out I'm not one of them!




I also realize I'm a bit more hung up on quality than...well, just about everyone I know! I'm an editor, so my daily routine involves accepting and rejecting things based on quality standards. I guess I bring that home...

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so are there any other games that were never ripped? I'd like to try all the games I can in chankast. just for the heck of it.

Of course, before I go investing in a cable to rip D2, I should probably figure out how to selfboot the 10 or so nonselfboot games I have that aren't on the compatability list.

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