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GameCop's OLD JABRONI Site! Check it Out!


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I decided that I'll pass the link to my old website to you guys.


Current Broken Links: Wrestling Movies


(Believe it or not, I use to make flash wrestling videos, with music and everything, just got to find the links to show you guys one day)



If link doesn't work try: http://1pw.homestead.com/


[its wrestling as in WWF or WWE]


Unfortunattely I am kind of hating wrestling now and for one the site was never popular at all.


For me it was a waste of time. So I stopped updating it and I turned to emulation! (Wow, what a good choice that was :regurg: )

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I'll add to that with my old website.

Used to be used mainly with my teammates and friends of ours (We had a forum kicking then too)





(Not sure if second link works, but both are same website on same server)

I had www.ijtf.net domain nam for my website but the free period expired, and I let it go.


Haven't done a thing with the site in a LOOONG time.

P.S. If you refresh, new music will play. I wrote a script that randomly runs 1 of 20 midi's at the sites disposal.


Oh yeah, and I'm proud of my work. The entire site was written manually in a simple html editor. (No frontpage or do it for you editors) :regurg:

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